About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Melanie Sze. I am currently attending New York City College of Technology (http://www.citytech.cuny.edu). My major in this college is Graphic Arts Advertising. When I first started to reflect on the colleges I would attend, NYCCT was not one of the colleges I had in mind. The major that I originally planned to do was Early Childhood Education. However, I also wanted to have a career in technology. This decision was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make. When the colleges that I applied to did not accept me, I was devastated because I really aspired to be an early childhood educator. However, I got great news from NYCCT. They accepted me and I got into the major that I applied for. I was truly excited because I also wanted to work with technology and always found the advertising field interesting.

I love to sing and listen to music on my spare time. Iā€™m really not an adventurous person and some may even find me boring. However, I love to sing my heart out while listening to my favorite songs. Some people may find me very nurturing and loving although I think the one quality that pops out is that I am very punctual. I cannot be late for anything! šŸ˜€ Thank you for your time!
Melanie Sze