Sculptris Work

For this design I wanted to try to do something different. I wanted to a head design that was non-human. This head design is an elder alien and what makes him an elder is the curves of it’s facil hair as well the amount of creases. The texture I was a blue clear crystal because I wanted him to appear cell like.

This is the face of another character I designed called Voltage. I wanted this character to be an evil guy who was made up of electrcity. So in order to make him look evil I decided to express that in his facial expression and I decided to have his eyes to be a solid white with electricity forming the color of his eyes.


This is my second face design. My goal was to make this face have a lot of detailed. In order to make this possible I look at peoples’ faces as well as touched my own face in order to see and feel where the creases were

This Piece is for another character I made up, who is a Jester from hell. What I decided to do was have his two bottom lips removed exposing his teeth and his gums so it gives him a smile that can never go away.

This is my concept for an Aristocrat for the game Dishonored. My idea was to exaggerate the features so I exaggerated the head and the mustache. The monocle that I added is suergically stitched into his face rather than just having it as a typical monocle.

For this Piece I want to try a different body part instead of doing Faces. I decided to do a muscular body. My goal was to make as detailed as possible to make appear more realistic.

This is my second torso in which I wanted it to be realistic and capture as much detail as possible.