Field Trip

In my digital media class we went to a print shop in Manhattan, and while we were there my class and I saw a lot of the machinery that was discussed in class. We saw sheetfed and rotary printers, along with a pre used lithography template, we saw an automated paper cutter, a machine that would letters into envelops and then seal them, and we saw a machine similar to a silk screen that would print designs on shirts. The last one was a clear favorite amongst the group and it was an honor to be the first tour group to ever see that piece of equipment in action. My personal favorite machine was the paper cutter, I loved how powerful it was and its precision in making cuts. What I learned is that in a printing job you have to learn how to adjust with the new machinery introduced, it makes it possible to do more work faster, but it is not flawless. At each station there was at least one person monitoring the machines, for instance at the machine that put letters into envelops there was a man who could stop the machine to readjust it, in case a letter got folded or the envelop got stuck in the machine. I really enjoyed the experience. My phone died five minutes into the tour, so I also learned that I should invest in a portable charger.

A Day in my life video


I am an artist and most of the time I just paint in my living room while the television plays. But I removed all sound for two reasons because there were very loud obnoxious advertisements for Arby’s playing in the background. And I like silent films, where the person creates the sounds for certain actions themselves. My movie I feel focuses on people’s senses. The mixing of paint is really sensory pleasing along with the stroke of paint against the canvas, and contradiction of the vibrant magenta and the muted blue. I want people to feel as if they are me and the are in the duration of this film painting as well.


Visual art is something that I really love, and I have seen throughout my life people disregard the arts in many ways, whenever a school must make budget cuts the art department is almost always sure to seek the greatest amount of cutbacks. And I believe accessibility to art resources and promoting creative thinking amongst people of all ages is beneficial to making us all more expressive and better thinkers.


The logo that I made are my initials “M” and “S”. I wanted to create an almost psychedelic effect with the letters so I overlaid transparencies over those letters. I love to stick to a very simple but at the same time complex content which is apparent in a lot of my art work. And I had the color of the text pink and yellow to compliment the banner. My banner that my logo is on top of is actually two overlaid paintings from a long term series of vulvic imagery I have been working on. I chose to depict because I am my art, it is very important to me and it is my passion. I love what I do and I am unapologetic about it.

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