Field Trip Report

On April 28th 2017, I visited the United Federation of Teachers and was granted a tour of a printing facility within the building. Within the printing facility the tour guide showed myself and my peers the array of printing machines utilized. Each machine within the printing facility was assigned specific task, some machines were designed for cutting, some machines were designed for printing. One particular machine in the facility was designed for preparing envelopes, another machine had the task of folding paper, another machine had the task of producing hundreds of copies in just a matter of minutes. The MBO folding machine is capable of folding 275 papers a minute. The Cutting Prism was capable of cutting a mass amount of paper with ease, the machine is equipped with an immense amount of pressure which makes it easy for the machine to cut high quantities of paper. We were also showed a family of Bizhub press machines each designed to print and or copy at different speeds, quantities and qualities.


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