A Day Outside (Video Project)

This is my video project titled “A Day Outside”, this video shows recordings of the beauty of the outside world I see daily on my way to school. I had a lot of fun filming this video, and the pros of filming this video was getting to capture the beauty of life on video and being able to share it, some cons were the weather hindering me from recording (ex: rainy weather) I wasn’t able to record as much when it was raining due to my device getting wet but I still managed to piece together a wonderful video hope you enjoy it.

Visually Enhanced Quotes Project

The quotes originate from a book called “The Book of Secrets 112 Meditation Techniques” by Osho. This particular quote piqued my interest because it personally directly correlates to my personal life. The quote in my opinion shows a true judgement of character. Living your life according to what this quote says “Ignorance is bold, but knowledge hesitates” shows that the individual is open minded and doesn’t judge another individual based on their life choices.Ā 


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