I have been at City Tech since the Fall of 2006 and I am a senior in the Computer Engineering Technology Department now with one year break in 2008 to attend another college. I have been interested and been working on computers since 1986, giving me a historical experience of seeing how they have evolved over the years. I knew then that computer were not only powerful but fast, give seamless & accurate answers to problems and would make life a lot easier for lots of users in the world. That’s when I wanted to learn everything about them. Their versatility from managing “to do” lists to organizing bookkeeping ledgers, to accomplishing what they are programmed to do so neatly and quickly, really ignited my passion not only to investigate how to program them but to find out how they are made too. Each summer I take time off to reflect upon and review materials I have learned and give time to my kids. IĀ initiateĀ self-learningĀ by building my foundation in science and technology and working my way up intoĀ fields that capture my interest.Ā My motto that transfers from academics to the working world out there is, “UsingĀ technology to create and develop innovative ideas to improve the lives of others, find solutions to real world problems and teach our youth to be good stewards of the earth and its inhabitants.” After graduation, I plan to work in a firm that uses my talents and skills to the fullest hopefully one day leading me to acquire enough capital to open a business whose ideas are in their incubation period as of right now.