COMD 4900 Internship Entry 7: Role Models

In regards to my previous assignments, I am slowly but surely working on revisions as I am sent back feedback for them. In regards to the internship there are other people in which I socialize with but I feel that I can relate to Mr. Garcia a little more. He’s laid back and can have a good conversation for hours ( He insists I call him by his first name “Dave”), and I feel like we indirectlyĀ  have the same goals. His passion has always been video games , as he is a game designer, and while he wants to continue to work on them he one day wishes to have a gaming store of his own. I also wish to have a

store of my own ( not gaming but hobby store) similar to galaxy but with an edge and dark aesthetic to it while also designing.Ā  I feel like when we have a meeting of the minds in regards to design we can always bounce ideas off of each other which really gets the creative juices flowing and that’s what I enjoy about interning here. Below I left an image of the Game “River City Girls” a game he worked on where he served as one of the character designers.


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COMD 4900 Internship Entry 6: Instagram Carousel/ photography

While revising the web banners and making different sizes for them, I was assigned another project: to make a slideshow or a carousel of some sort that displays the variety of product in the store on our social medial outlets. I decided upon myself to draft up a carousel and went around the store taking pictures, using lighting and different angles for the pictures. I’m really proud at how some of the photos came out, but I decided to hold back on some of them and use them for the website layout itself. I was also  going to add more text on the first panel but also decided to save that for the “About us ” page

COMD 4900 Internship Entry 5: Web Banner work Cont.

I essentially decided to take my drafts for the leader board web banner to adobe illustrator using elements of hierarchy and color to my advantage to ultimately come up with these. I’m not so sure in regards to typography of it but revisions will be done. I left some open spaces for when the logo is finalized. In regards to what works and what doesn’t, he really likes the line ” A world of it’s own” and liked the one with the solid slash as it had a bit of a dynamic to it.

COMD 4900 Internship Entry 4: Web Banner work

We were eventually going to revisit the and finalize the log later on down the line, but in regards to other assignments, Mr. Garcia wanted me to move on a little and work on a web banner for the site. I decided to to sketch up the format in which I wanted it to be and was thinking about taglines for the banner. I decided to look around the place for a while and stumbled upon an old business card that existed when the store first opened that said ” A World of it’s own” and that’s when I realized that is what I would put on the banner. Below is a picture of the business card and the sketches of the banner.

COMD 4900 Internship: Entry 3

In regards to the logo,Ā  My supervisor for this internship liked the direction in which i was going and noted and smiled at the inspirations within my mood board and wanted to see what I had to offer in regards to digital work. Mr. Garcia pointed out not to color them yet but to make the logos black and white due to the fact that the black and white version of a logo is the purest form and if you don’t convey your message in black in white the message is NOT going to be sent in color. We Ultimately decided that the logo variations with the robots were creative and stood out in a way due to the fact that it was both simple and to the point and also created a mascot/icon of some sort and to have that character attached to the site and may one day have shirts and hats with that it would be cool. I call the little robot Kenji (idk why. It just sounds like a cool name )

COMD 4900 Internship: Entry 2 Sorting out the schedule and working on the logos

Upon working here for the first week, there were things we needed to sort out and what my schedule would look like. It was clear that my supervisor was flexible and interning here would be laid back and a fun experience, so long as I got the work done. We worked out that I would be there for a total of fifteen hours a week and the first thing we would do is work on a logo. I immediately got to work and came up with mood boards, inspirations from some of my favorite works. I also decided to ponder and do a littleĀ  infield research and see what would look good. I ultimately set out to design something that represented Galaxy Collectibles. I wanted something iconic, that maybe someone visiting out of New York would wear on a shirt and I came up with these sketches. Below are my sketches and mood board.

comd4900 logo mood board

COMD 4900 Entry 1: Searching/Landing the Internship

During the break between and the the Fall 2021 and spring 2022 Semesters, I felt like now Since I had more free time than usual to start looking for and internship So that I have one by the beginning spring term. I felt like I was in a good Position and good standingĀ  being that the semester before this
I took a portfolio course and refined and honed my design skills and portfolio presentation whenever I want to get inspired I go to
my comic store: Galaxy Collectibles. I’ve helped them before and have
always been a regular although not as much due to the pandemic
I heard through some friends and people who also goes there that they
were looking for an intern for Graphic design Purposes and no one has really contacted them back. I took it upon myself to go to the
Store to speak to the coordinator/ supervisor Of
this internship who is also a graphic design/animation graduate and has also worked on over 30 indie video games. I sent him my resume and looked over my Portfolio and we immediately hit it off as we had a mutual love for nerd/geek culture and comics in general. After a while he told meĀ  what is expected in this internship and that the things I would be working on is for the website and said he sees potential in me and offered me the position and I graciously accepted.

COMD 4900 Ethics Entry 2A and 2B

Ethics Entry 2:Ā 

In regards to the readings, I foundĀ  these chapters to be extremely invaluable as an aspiring graphic designer who is interning in his field of work due to the fact they give a lot of insight to the design world and the inner workings of it, and somethings even resonated with me and definitely help me in my designs.

2A) In regards to using another creative work and giving them credit I believe that I can think of one or two situations similar to this. In one situation I didnā€™t necessarily use ā€œcreative workā€ but I used someoneā€™s research for an infographic on gun violence for my information design class. I created a poster with a pie chart in the shape of a crosshairs/bullet and underneath the pie chart I credited the site and source in which I got the information from. For my design team class I did a collab project with the converse shoes and NJPW (new japan prowrestling) and used logos from each company and put the links in my project.

2B) In regards to the Fairy Copyright case, Iā€™m glad that they were able to reach an agreement of some sorts and that it did not get too ugly, but in regards to both copyrights and things of the sorts this is a HUGE lesson and warning and cautionary tale in regards to NOT giving credit. ALWAYS ask for permission and ALWAYS credit your inspirations and things you are incorporating in your design that do NOT belong to you.


COMD 4900: Ethics Entry 1A and 1B

COMD 4900

Ethics in Graphic Design

Entry 1:

My site for this internship is a private business known as Galaxy Collectibles. It is a place in Park SlopeĀ  that prides itself by being a part of a business that is considered to be a dying breed. They serve their community in selling many forms of collectibles such as comic books, graphic novels, trading cards, action figures and much more. The people who work there are creative and talented and I am working with the supervisor who co runs the store in making things for the online store in which I am helping create. So far I have been having a great time as I am being educated in this industry and it is always good to be surrounded by things you have always been a fan of and people with the same creative mindset as myself.Ā 

1A) As every place of business should have. There is a code of Ethics in which we strictly adhere to and we follow the AIGA Design guide toĀ  the teeth. While we may use inspirations from forms of pop culture, our designs and the photos in which we are using for our online presence and storeĀ  are our own and if we are to use any photos, logos, illustrationsĀ  or characters then we must credit the original creator for whatever we have used, in which this business has done in the past on things such as their awnings and business cards ( I have Posted an Image of their business card in this entry). However As I said before, for the website, our designs and the photos we use for the site will be done exclusively by us. The store does not have much of an official logo so Iā€™m sort of indirectly working on branding as well which has allowed me much creative freedom.

1B) In regards to a non disclosure agreement or anything regarding a confidentiality agreement I havenā€™t signed anything due to the fact that since we did not find it necessary to keep the fact that we are building an online presence for the store a secret because that is what every comic book store should do in order to both flourish and survive which gives a little leeway in regards to showing what I have been up to in my journal entries