Animation Project w/code


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Favorite Movie Code

<p>This is a list of my favorite Movies</p>
<b>The Breakfast Club</b>
<i>John wick</i>
<b><i>Ferris Bueller’s Day Off</i></b>
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
<u><b><i>Inglorious Basterds</i></b></u>

Color theory


Foo Fighters different background

So for this assignment, we had to choose a pic and give them 4 different colored backgrounds. For the first pic I chose blue due to the fact that the band members in the pic were wearing mostly dark and light blue and I felt that the back ground sort of made that stand out and made it relaxing. As for the red, green and yellow compliments the blue colors that they are wearing and made the picture pop out more.


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