Lab 0

Lab description:

Create an eportfolio using openlab and add a tab on the website called CET 3510. This is where we will upload our lab reports. To upload lab report click new page titled Lab x and choose CET 3510 as the parent. Each lab will consist of three variables. One being the lab description, your code and a screenshot of your final program. When typing the source code, it is required to submit a neat copy of the code so it is easy to read. To do this, Switch from “Visual” to “Text” and type <pre> at the beginning and </pre> at the end of the code. This will allow you to text your source code and keep any spaces, indents, tabs etc. Failing to do so will cause points on your final lab grade. Each lab should remain private until you receive a grade. This is so that each students lab report stays unique with their own thoughts.


program helloWorld;
#include( "stdlib.hhf" );

begin helloWorld;

     stdout.put( "Hello, World of Assembly Language", nl );

end helloWorld;


Screenshot from 2014-02-12 17^T^C

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