Chocolate Amenity

Chocolate Bon Bons
Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Chocolate Transfer & White Chocolate with Cocoa Butter Painting
Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Butter Corners and Milk Chocolate with Chocolate Transfer Base
Hat Stand Chocolate Amenity Adorned with Bon Bons, Chocolate Curls & Chocolate Cigarettes.

Working with chocolate is what I thought would be the most difficult. However, it all went as planned. I think the most difficult part was that I have hot hands. I could barely hold any of my pieces because I was worried about it melting. The day we assemble was also a warmer day. I used a side towel as a buffer to block the heat from my hands. I am overall very pleased with the completed piece.

Desserts from Class

Honey Crisp with Strawberries w/ Strawberry Coulis & Crème Fraiche Sauce
Hot Chocolate Cake w/ Coffee Crème Anglaise
Vanilla Cheesecake w/ Mixed Berry Clementine Coulis
Poached Pears w/ Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce in a Crispy Hat
Raspberry Souffle w/ Raspberry Sauce
Apples Galore & Mint Sorbet w/ Vanilla Madeleines, Apple Chips, Cider Sabayon & Mixed Berry Coulis

Cake Amenity Day

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20211111_2033561-485x1024.jpg
My finished cake. Styrofoam cake covered in gray fondant. Royal icing bead boarder. Gumpaste lily on top with gumpaste hydrangea on the middle left and bottom right. Pulled sugar poinsettia with curled ribbon on the top front. Blown sugar strawberries and lemons on middle right and bottom center.

Gumpaste Lily
Gumpaste Hydrangea
Pulled Sugar Poinsettia
Blown Sugar Strawberry and Lemon

Fondant/Gumpaste Week

Cake Dummies Covered in Gray Fondant

Coloring the fondant wasn’t difficult but it was tiring. The fondant actually became soft because of the amount of coloring, making it slightly difficult to work with. I was pleased with the end result though. I want my cake to be gray and yellow because it’s the Pantone colors of the year.

Free Hand Gumpaste Filler Flower
Free Hand Gumpaste Filler Flower
Free Hand Gumpaste Filler Flowers

Making the gumpaste flower was fun and relaxing. Almost therapeutic in a way. I decide to leave the gumpaste white rather than color it. I was worried it would get soft and sticky like the fondant.

Small Gumpaste Rose

I never been any good at making roses. However, I was quite pleased at the look of this one. Roses are just not my flower, whether they are real or fake.


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