Most people walk the same route to there destination everyday. They see the same scenery everyday. This cause people to start ignoring their surroundings. By doing this people block out any new sights that could be seen. People also like┬átaking the fastest route to there destination. They try to avoid any detour possible, because it would make them late. No one likes to be late, but what if you had 15 minutes extra to spare, or maybe your professor decided to cancel class, but you can’t go home because you have another class right after. Theirs even the possibility that you just finished class and you don’t want to go home straight away or maybe your waiting for your special someone and you got there too early. Theirs many different reasons why you would have free time on your hands. You should take my route if you find yourself with some free time. You’ll have a fabulous┬átime and you’ll get to know the surrounding area better. You’ll enjoy the nice fauna of nature and the beautiful architecture made by human kind. You’ll even have nice tasty food to chow down on, in case you get hungry. My route takes you from High Street, where you can the A and C subway lines to City Tech. You can use my walk to get better acquainted with the area.

Once you get off the train you should walk toward Middagh Street. There you’ll see the entrance to Cadman Plaza park. You’ll be walking through the park, so you’ll experience the natural beauty of nature. You’ll head toward the historical monument, dedicated to William Jay Gaynor. From there you’ll take the path with benches lined off toward the left. If you ever feel tired, you can always sit down and take a breather. While┬ácontinuing down this path you’ll notice lots of different shades of brown and orange leaves. Since its Autumn you’ll be seeing plenty of those. You’ll then reach a place where you could either go right or left. If you take the time to look straight ahead you’ll notice trees line off on the right and left sides, followed by a green pasture of grass at the bottom. It’ll give off a magical feeling, like if your in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.┬á From here you’ll turn right and you’ll start to see a big open field, where kids normally play. The field is full of green artificial grass, but you still get the idea of staring at a big open pasture of real green grass. You may even feel tempted to lay down and take a nap on the grass. Their also benches here so if you get tired you could sit and rest without having to worry about dirtying your clothes. You’ll continue down this path until you start to see the United States Court House, you will be getting close to the end of Cadman Plaza park. Upon reaching the exit, if you turn and look behind you, you’ll see two statues of two ladies. This is a perfect example of man made beauty.

Upon exiting the park you’ll be on Tillary Street. You’ll walk down toward the post office. The building looks very old and doesn’t look like a modern day post office.┬áThis is another perfect example of man made beauty. You’ll climb the steps and walk near the post office doors. Here you’ll see beautiful stonework and very intricate details most post offices don’t have. You can stop to admire the nice beautiful arches and pillars. The building itself makes you think you’ve traveled back in time, toward the Roman era.

While coming toward the end of the steps, you’ll eventually reach Johnson Street. Here you’ll be heading into Columbus park. Near the entrance you’ll see two statues of a old man and two kids playing around him. Their in this bushy area with flowering buds on them. It gives off a calming feeling. You’ll continue down till you reach these little red houses/shacks. The houses give off a nice vibrant shade of red. At this time of year people will be selling things for the holidays, so have money ready in case something catches your eye. You’ll continue walking until you start to see the Supreme Court on the left. Next to the court has a tall pillar with a statue of a man on it. The man looks as if he’s posing for a picture. A little past the court is Borough Hall. It has beautiful pillars that look like they came from ancient Athens. Toward the back is a kind of tower with a clock right in the middle. It makes you think you took a trip to London itself. On the roof of the tower is a gold statue of a woman, making you think its some sort of goddess reaching for the sky. In front of Borough Hall is a fountain that usually has water flowing, but because of the time of year its dry. You can still stop and admire the nice designs.

Lastly you’ll walk down Court Street. Since its nearing the holidays, most stores are dressed up. If you look off into the horizon you’ll notice a tall tower belonging to a chapel. You’ll walk toward it until you reach Joralemon Street. Turn there and walk toward the tall building with a lot of windows. You’ll start to see places where you could buy food. You can either stop in a Shake Shack or Panera Bread. If you want to go cheap you can go to McDonalds or Burger King. After appeasing your hunger you can head straight to class.

This route takes you to beautiful places, both natural and man made. You’ll see things that catches your eyes and many shades of color. You can enjoy a nice quiet walk through the park or go shopping. You have places to sit and relax or a nice wide place to run around. You’ll enjoy the nice foods. Taking the same route everyday can be very boring, especially if it doesn’t have anything interesting about it. If you take this chance and make a detour you won’t regret it.

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