Paying Attention & Participating Beyond Social Media

Writing With New Media – ENG 2720 (Fall 2015)

with Professor Jill Belli. 

ENG 2720- Writing with New Media is an exploration of the changing nature of composition practices and rhetorical strategies in the digital age. As a writer of new media I was introduced to a variety of digital writing platforms which expanded my communicative practices beyond print-based media. I was able to take  advantage of the visual and interactive properties of computer-mediated communication while considering the ways in which composition practices and rhetorical strategies are transformed in digital environments. 

As a result of a semesters long immersion in various forms of new media writing, the final project was proposed to create our own multimodal new media writing project that revolved around a social networking environment in some way while incorporating the various structures or components of new media writing. For me, going to route of understanding a social networking site more thoroughly was not intriguing, so I decided to detach myself completely from all social networking sites and track how this detachment changed my attention and participation structures, as well as my overall psychological being.

The vision for the project was simple:

To successfully and adequately capture through daily vlogging reflection and blog posts how ‘signing off’ or how being ‘signed off’  from social media networking sites (SNS) such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram strongly affect a persons’ attention and participatory structures, along with the effects it has our wants, needs, and interpretations of people, persons, and things. All of which will be justified and supported through research of willing individuals and attestable written resources. The end-result will be presented in the form of a digital diary blog hosted on a separated WordPress site which will be linked to my e-portfolio site under the child page ‘Signed Off’ Digital Diary. (See: Project Proposal & ‘Signed Off’ [ on E-portfolio site] )

As a result, I was able to successfully track these changes and compile an extensive write up that factors in not only my reflection of this process but also research from various databases that lend both a personal opinion and scientific fact.

Below are the links to the various components of this experiment. I hope you not only find it interesting but you are intrigued to also engage in a signed off period.


Project Proposal

‘Signed Off’ (on E-portfolio)

‘Signed Off’ Digital Diary (on E-portfolio)

‘Signed Off’ Digital Diary  (on WordPress Site)

Understanding Attention Structures 

Understanding Participation Structures

The Impact & Effects

Project Presentation

Project Reflection