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Psychedelic Poster Project

maria pulgarinT

This 50/50 figure ground project was one of my favorites. I never knew that I would have been able to create something like this using just shoe bottoms. Making this project helped me understand what pencils I had to use in order to get the tracing of what I wanted. It made me realize how important all the pencils can be, and what they can be used for. Using tracing paper also helped me figure out where I wanted to place the 50/50 on each image.

I am satisfied with my final piece and I really enjoyed doing this project.

maria trnsp

I had a little bit of difficulty doing this project. I think that some transparencies here work but some do not. I feel that the places where they do not seem transparent are the ones where there are more than 3 colors being mixed together. After I finished this project I realized that I should have separated the shapes slightly farther apart.

This project was our first transparency project and I learned a lot from it. I learned that planning out the way you set up the page is very important when it comes to transparencies and I also learned that mixing paint the right way is equally as important.


This was the second transparency project we had, Transparency/Pattern.  I think I did better on this project than in the other transparency project. The transparencies look better in this one because of the way the patterns are placed, and how many colors had to be mixed in order to get the transparency. I used less colors to be mixed so my transparencies were much stronger.

I think my accents could have been a little bigger because they are very tiny, but overall I think I did a better job on this project.