Christmas earrings

After Thanksgiving of 2020, I decided to make Christmas themed earrings to sell before the holiday but I was in over my head. I did not research everything that went into the preparation of listing an item on Etsy. Before I got to listing the items I had to make them and I received some help from my younger sister. We went to Dollar Tree to source material for the earrings, we bought mini trees, jingle bells, and pompoms. After creating the earring I realize I did not account for how I would actually pack and ship the items. I also did not account for the additional cost of buying packaging that is both cute and effective like the ones from the small business TikTok videos. I decided to join Etsy and to see how much it would cost to list and ship the item and put looking for cute packaging on the back burner. While going through the product listing form I saw that I needed to know what size my packing would be and how much everything would weigh in total. Realizing I was not fully prepared to begin an online business I decided to be patient and take my time in doing everything correctly.

  1. Christmas Tree Earrings

Made with a mini Christmas tree, tiny white pompom, and fishhook earring back.

2. Jingle Bell earrings

Made with three bells at different lengths, silver chain, and fishhook earring back. 

3. Pompom Earring

Made with three pompoms (white, red, and green) of different sizes, silver chain, and fishhook earring back.

4. Snowman Earring

Made with three white pompoms stacked upon each other from smallest to largest, oven-baked clay, and fishhook earring back.