My Experience At The Internship

My experience at Calling All Graphics has been a good experience. The environment was in a home office setting and not too busy. I was greeted every morning at the bottom of the steps by Coco the cat lol. The office was a nice room with a cherry blossom tree artwork painted on the wall. It gave a homely yet creative feel environment. Most of the design work was mainly geared to designing menu boards for delis and cafe. I learned a lot by being here with a reminder of running a business and dealing with clients. From my experience, the clients usually give you the information and you give them the artwork. With Mrs. Gotay, she comes up with the concepts and wording for her client’s menus to attract more business from customers. This reminds me of being in Professor McVicker’s class for advertising where we had to come up with pitches, slogans, and lines to catch the target audience’s attention. In her collection of photos, Mrs. Gotay has a group of high-resolution photos that she uses from google as well as paid stock websites she is signed up with if she ever needs to buy it. I know that some companies need you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement Form but this was not the case here. She made sure that I would save some of the artwork so that I have it to show in my presentation. What I have learned from working with Mrs. Gotay you have to create a balance between working and having a social life. This is something I have struggled with but just watching her made me realize that I need to be more firm and to really find that balance so that I can have a healthy life.

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