Exhibition: MAD Museum Punk Rock Graphics

This week, I finally made it to the MAD Museum (Museum of Arts and Design)!!!! This museum is located in Manhattan at Columbus Circle. This area is a popular area because it is close to central park where a lot of tourists comes to sightsee and shop!. The museum is really nice, clean and a bit intimate. The exhibit that is being shown here is called Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die, Punk Graphics from 1974-1986. There was a lot to take in and a lot of different design styles that I recognized from other artists. It was easy to recognize some of the styles of constructivism, surrealism, postmodernism and pop art. It was amazing to see how the designers incorporated old techniques and recreated posters, album covers, playbills, brochures that geared mostly towards the music industry. I really was impressed with the typography layout and how the negative space in these designs was used to make the message and information legible. The photography stood out mostly because it captured the artist’s actions and emotions that explain who they are. These design trends and techniques seem to be coming back and being utilized in different media forms. I really enjoyed this museum the most. I am not a fan of punk rock music but I would definitely recommend anyone to go visit this museum. It really is worth it. not  

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