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Museum visit-Rahel Lehar

Rahel Lehar
Russeck gallery visit

Damien Hirst “The Silver Heart” 2005

The art piece is obvious because it is clearly distinguished from a solid black background. The heart has repetition because it repeats having needles placed continuously all over it. It is achromatic because it lacks hue and saturation. The heart has shadow from the bottom and highlight from the top. It is high key because the values are more lighter.
Both the silver heart and selfiemotion have values that are predominantly lighter. They both have shadow coming from the bottom and light forming at the top. They are both achromatic because they lack hue and saturation. The heart has the same angry mood as project 3. They only have grayscale.


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I learned how to use photoshop and its tools to color and do other really specific tasks like getting rid of all white and black stray marks just by using the magic wand. Unlike the previous projects I could actually make mistakes & undo them without starting all over again

Selfie motion-phase 5-deliver

mood: Anger

i learned that I should never make it obvious what my mood is. Emoticon and symbols cannot be used. I have to make my selfie stand out more by adding more crazier enraged body parts such as eyes,mouth, or eyebrows. I have to put more grays to balance out grayscale because my emotion is based on just a black and white selfie.

Texture & pattern 5-delivery

I learned that even when it looks like a picture doesn’t have a background, it still does because the top left corner is not supposed to be white. The bottom left picture has to be more accurate with the contrast because the other half of the composition is supposed to be lighter. Including those changes i will also fill out the type compositions with more type

Lost & found phase 4

I learned that proportion is also a key factor in determining the ambiguity or obvious relationship in a composition. I could have made my ambiguous figure more wider so that it looks more ambiguous. I could’ve excluded three other shapes for my obvious composition or joined them together. For my next project i will make sure that i can get rid of unnecessary shapes and lines and be careful choosing proportions.