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when doing this project I thought it was going to be easy because we are just going to be drawing in chalk but I thought wrong. When I went to draw on some of the surfaces the chalk didn’t show up because some area was to smooth for the chalk to work well on so I had to find another area to work on, and the sketches felt way different then the actual place we have to draw on


I found this project very fun because we got to explore the color wheel and do most of the work on Photoshop. I learned that colors play a huge role in art pieces in this project I had difficulty with the colors because I lost some of the features on my face until I changed
some colors around to bring back some of the features I lost. What I can do better is make the photo the actual size so I don’t have to trim the photo to fit the board.

Selfiemotion-Phase 5-Deliver

The mode I have chosen is “Happy”. I thought this was a nice way to understand and to observe the kind of expressions our faces show and what features shows that kind of expression. I learned that the expressions you think may show what you have in mind but others would see something different. I would have chosen another mood if I could have done this differently