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My favorite color (Blue-green) has cultural associations tied to youth, fertility, calm, strength and peace. I chose this color because it reminded me of a game I used to play; Starcraft. In that game the players get to choose a team color and I would always choose Teal (almost like another version of turquoise). Blue-green is a color that reminds me of Teal, so I chose it simply for the nostalgia.



In project four, I learned how to add colors in a highly contrasted black and white image on Photoshop. From removing white spaces to erasing/cleaning up the images, I familiarized myself with the program and filled the selfies to their respective colors, all the while learning how to operate another Adobe program. 

I think for this project I could have made better highlights to the selfies. Instead of adding the entire block of color, I should have simply cut out whatever I was highlighting into said color (ex: purple glasses).

Selfiemotion Phase 5 – Deliver

Mood: Tired/Dreaming

Final Composition/Sketch:


I had a lot of fun with this project and I’m very happy with what I’ve created; I feel my planning was good and I finished the work in a timely manner. The actual process for working was seamless as well. If there’s one thing I learnt it’s how to utilize twin tack effectively for collages as I prefer not to use glue usually; Twin tack feels much more clean and helped me layer pieces on top of one another easily.

Selfie motion-phase 5-deliver

mood: Anger

i learned that I should never make it obvious what my mood is. Emoticon and symbols cannot be used. I have to make my selfie stand out more by adding more crazier enraged body parts such as eyes,mouth, or eyebrows. I have to put more grays to balance out grayscale because my emotion is based on just a black and white selfie.