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Yunique Griffith’s Sketches

This was a rough sketch of my gum photo which was obvious. There was a lot of fine detail incorporated within my photo, but I’ve decided to simplify it and give it its own taste. The gum was 30% of my image while the rock and pebbles surrounding the gum on the ground is composed of the remaining 70%. I’ve ultimately decided to not put this in my final pieces due to the amount of fine detail I would have to incorporate in my final inked piece.

This was a rough image of an obvious image I took which is a sidewalk. This sketch turned out to be one of my favorite amongst the rest of my sketches, but I didn’t like the amount of shades incorporated within it. If this was going to be my first inked obvious image, then I would have needed to have added light and dark compositions into it.

Note: The photo of my sketch didn’t come out correctly as the ground in which holds the crosswalk is supposed to be larger. It was supposed to come out as 30×70. I kept trying to fix it, but to no avail.

This was a sketch of my last obvious photo which is a window reflection. The window had mold and dirt stains tainted on it, but the reflection with the dirt had been darker when it was displayed. This sketch was later picked for my final composition and I tweaked a lot about it through many suggestions.\

This was my first ambiguous sketch in which is supposed to be a hole with peeling paint around it. This was by far one of the hardest sketches I had to do, but decided to challenge myself by adding fine detail of the paint and the after effects of the hole. For this sketch and for this purpose only I decided to trace it along some tracing paper and incorporate onto my sketchbook. I loved the way it turned out and chose it for my final inked composition.

This was one of my second ambiguous sketches of a wall which has peeled paint on a white painted background. The elements incorporated within this image has minimal tearing of paint through the sketch and if you look at it closely, it kind of looks like a pig. The wide tearing of the paint is 50% and the white background in which supports it is 50%.

This is one of my ambiguous sketches of a tear through a wall in which has mold fighting for dominance. I decided to just sketch it out to give me some ideas on what it could possibly look like on bristol paper, but I decided to not put it as my final inked ambiguous composition.

Step 2 Define (sketches)

There will be some repetition in the pictures because some of the sketches I was not satisfied, it also shows my work process, what I wanted to accentuate or even hide.At some point ,I noticed I had more obvious than ambiguous sketches even though the original photos were 3/3 ambigious&obvious. So towards the end I fixed it but it ended up being on my inking where I corrected my ambiguous.

Here are my photos to compare.
Obvious Obvious Ambigious Ambigious Obvious Ambigious
**Furthermore, on the physical pictures I actually zoomed in on the object I wanted most by folding the paper.