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6 photos and 6 stories (Project 1 Lost and Found)

Every image has a story and this black slash is no acception. There’s actually a little mouse painter who saw the white wall as his canvas. He felt so inspired and whacked a black slash across the wall creating what we see. He’s very abstract in his work.

This image comes with a short story of how it came to be. And with that we start off with our little termite construction worker. The little termite construction worker is tired of his job and has a passion for art. So decided to carve all these lines into this wood wall on his construction site.

It’s a simple short story for this little rock here. A Mr and Mrs Boulder just took their newborn baby home and named him Pebble. And that is what you see here, a picture of Pebble just brought home from the Rocky Hospital.

Like the previous photos this one comes with a story as well. It’s as simple as an ants putting up a rock wall around their house. They spent days collecting rocks of different shapes and sizes and colors too. Id say this ant family made a pretty nice concrete wall.

This image comes accompanied with a story as well. There were two beavers paving the the black rectangles in the street but one day a couple of rowdy bulls came by and tipped over the huge concrete truck. Leaving a pile of tar basically in the street. Poor beavers.

This image comes along with a story. One day two bunny painters were walking through the streets of BunnyVille when they stumbled upon a blank wall. Both bunny painters became territorial over the wall because they wanted it to be their next masterpiece. So they decided to hold a little competition to see which bunny is the better painter. They painted their little hearts out and in the end the two murals came out exactly the same.