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Museum Visit

I took this picture at the Brooklyn Museum. The author is JR. This work is part of the “Portraits of a generation“. This work reminds me of our previous project 3 “Motion and Emotion


This is my work of project 3″Motion and Emotion“.

imagiNATION Project 5 – Deliver

Starting points




The starting point is of a stain that has more of a texture look, so in sketch I made it more smooth since I’m relaying on the texture of the sidewalk to get the same feeling.


I had a few ideas for the sticks but I pick the first design because it resembles a stick more than the others.


The spray paint on the ground are like the black gum you usually see near walls however instead of being simple dots, some had extra dashes and smaller dots around it. The image,”Eat”, was the first word but I changed it.


Final Compositions

I would improve these drawing by getting a stronger charcoal product so they don’t break on me every two seconds. The NYC can be improved if I draw it in a different angle so I could get a flat surface for the C.

Museum Visit Project

For my museum visit project I went to the MoMa and I chose a sculpture called Hanging Column created by Louise Nevelson in 1959. This piece was part of a bigger installation titled Dawn’s Wedding Feast.


The works of my own that this sculpture reminded me of were projects 1, 2 and 3.       .

Projrct 5-imagiNATION

This is my first work. My starting point is a black paint. I observe this paint and find that both sides of the paint are uneven, so all my strokes are uneven.


This is my second work. My starting point is a black dot, so I chose the word speck because I want to put this point in the letter, and the word speck has space in each letter. This work There is a place that makes me difficult, because this black spot is on the stone, and the stone is very smooth, so it is difficult for me to color.


This is my third work. My starting point is a small piece of tape. I observed this tape and found that the tape is a rectangle, so all my strokes are rectangular, and I think the tape will overlap, so I also Use pencil to outline and add some shadows.

Project 5 : imagiNATION |step 4 -deliver


This is my first composition and one of my favorites because the type in this one particularly is clear. One thing I struggled with throughout this one is getting that sort of ragged look on the sides of the letters. I tried to incorporate that by making sure the inside of my letters were darker than the outline to get that washed away kind of vibe.


For my second composition chose to do this simple paint streak that i had found. While trying to come up with what letter form could use, I noticed that the line was originally sort of slanted. So I went with a lazy slated kind of look


For my last composition I decided to find something with color because black and white can get repetitive and boring. I went with kind of this starting point and worked around it, making taht the middle of each letters. I used A, D, and O because they required a counter which was good for the use of the starting point.


Overall this project was different and made me get out of comfort zone. Despite the events that happened I am pleases with the outcome. Something I would do differently is look for more unique staring points and not stick to simple ones.

Project 5- imagiNATION: Deliver

It was one of the toughest projects this semester.  It was raining a lot, and on other days it would be very windy and cold.  For the project I felt I did a fair job. I like the results from “Art” and “Vine”, bother showed the characteristics of the crack.  For “Math, there were so many object overpowering each other, I lost focus of what my object should be.

Overall, this project taught me a lot of lessons.  I should always be prepared for what mother nature has in store for us.  I should have tested the chalks before I use it for my final work.  Most importantly I should have spent more days outside to adapt the environment.