Project 5 : imagiNATION |step 4 -deliver


This is my first composition and one of my favorites because the type in this one particularly is clear. One thing I struggled with throughout this one is getting that sort of ragged look on the sides of the letters. I tried to incorporate that by making sure the inside of my letters were darker than the outline to get that washed away kind of vibe.


For my second composition chose to do this simple paint streak that i had found. While trying to come up with what letter form could use, I noticed that the line was originally sort of slanted. So I went with a lazy slated kind of look


For my last composition I decided to find something with color because black and white can get repetitive and boring. I went with kind of this starting point and worked around it, making taht the middle of each letters. I used A, D, and O because they required a counter which was good for the use of the starting point.


Overall this project was different and made me get out of comfort zone. Despite the events that happened I am pleases with the outcome. Something I would do differently is look for more unique staring points and not stick to simple ones.

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