Project 4 – Final Compositions

For my final compositions, I decided to keep my original experimentation of my colored selfie. The reason for this is that I like the way most of my color was portrayed throughout the pictures. For my first composition which is complementary, I liked the aesthetic of which the red  showed throughout the image. I kept my facial features even when I implemented color throughout my image. My mood did not change for this one because we were only experimenting with two colors of my color wheel. For my triad image, I liked the way the image came out because it gives a negative mood toward my selfie. The different variation of colors I used was all dark colors in which completely changed the mood of my selfie. When I first started out with the triad image, the mood of the selfie represented happiness, but then when I implemented the colors the mood had changed sinister-like. Also for my triad image, the focal point I wanted to achieve was to make my glasses a different color than the rest of the image. Lastly for my analogous image, my image completely changed from the three colors I used from my color wheel. For this image I used three different hues of green, but the image came out too bright. What I wanted to achieve was to make my eye target something, but instead I decided to make the lower half a light hue of green. Overall from this project, I liked the way I was given the freedom to play around with colors in photoshop with my selfies. I also learned a lot about photoshop and if there is ever another project that involves coloring my pictures, I can know what to do and how to achieve different variations of color. What I can do better for the future is to achieve a better result of my analogous image.

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