Final Compositions

complementary triad analogous
If you can look back at my step 3 post, you can see nothing has changed. I kept them the same because I felt that the style of my compositions were perfect for the colors I worked with. I learned how color can either make or break a creation. I also learned how to create a focal point(s) in different ways with color. In the previous selfie project I practiced making a focal point but it was with a gray scale. If I had more time for this project I would use a different selfie,because some images work while other don’t.Also while turning my selfie into a high contrast composition I lost some of the details, so another selfie would help with that issue. I will definitely apply the use of working with color for any other project I have. My work process was to create a folder of the same file, but switch up the colors I was working with to get a different outcome. If I can do that strategy in another project I will.

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