The mood that I chose was anger , when I think of anger I always relate the eyebrows centering in with a slant , eyelids covering eyes more,also clenched jaw for bottling up anger, and screaming when releasing.Also this does not have to do with facial expressions but the way we act when angry is reckless which is what I tried to recreate in my collage.While creating my drafts I had a few ideas and tasks in mind,first one was to prioritize the mood “anger” in the piece. The next was to be abstract and creative.In the first collage I tried going for anger mostly through the eyebrows and on top, the mouth piece was to convey bubbling up anger.My second piece was where I tried to incorporate more ripping to the overall image, but I had trouble with movement (for most).The last draft I came up with had some elements that was asked of me but not fully. So I incorporated all of my drafts to reach my outcome.My hardest task was being creative whilst achieving movement,a proper grey scale , focal point and some uniqueness.

firstdraft seconddraft3rddraft

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