Line Texture

Texture Case Study

Texture Case Study: Sand Dunes

The texture picture I selected had sand dunes in it, this picture made me feel tranquil and serene. In the following case study I decided to test how lines could mimic the downward motion as sand in the desert dunes. I tested several line designs of different thickness to see which most effectively  conveyed a sense of smoothness and flowing motion the sand has while it trickles down from the dune peaks. I followed my designs taking these lines as inspiration

Texture line number 1

First texture line composition, simple lines that went down recreating the downward motion of the dunes. Here I tried to understand how to represent motion through lines. Mostly used the ink brush to represent shadows.

Texture line number 2

This is my second composition trying to understand how the different lines give out different feelings and emotions.

Texture line number 3
In the third ink composition I decided to go all out and get artistic with the lines. Traced each line with thin ink pen, this was great because this gave me greater understanding of how the shadows and highlights worked in the original picture. After I was ready to continue to the second part of the project

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