Project 2 : Texture & Pattern | step 5 -deliver

This is my final composition, for starters one thing I knew that would occur through the duration of this project was trail and error. Some of this things that worked for me in this project was not having an outline in the image forming the shapes for it to be translated in line and type. If I were to go back to a day ago I would buy more ink pens because midway of doing my ink compositions my pens were running out of ink. I feel like that had a big impact on how my project turned out. Something I learned in this project is how much of a mood a image can give you. Also how that mood can be developed using different lines and type.

1 thought on “Project 2 : Texture & Pattern | step 5 -deliver

  1. Jhoanna Dimapanat

    I like your line works! Same for type composition actually…Iā€™m really digging how the lines look connected for your pattern line work, and yet you could still differentiate the different grays from the original image


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