Lost & Found – Discover


  • Button – found by the boardwalk, this button is obvious and geometric cuz of the pattern on the side of the button. The shadow of the button gives away the fact that it is right in front even though it takes like about 60% of the image since it’s closely photographed.

story: Showing the crest of an old kingdom, this button belongs to a young girl whose destiny is to become the great ruler of this land. Unfortunately, greatness doesn’t come easily without obstacles. She must lead her people to a safe haven, away from the Goblin King, the very destructive creature who killed half of the kingdom, including the past King and Queen.

  • Little Bottle – found by the boardwalk, this little bottle is obvious figure because you see it being in front clearly.

story: The only thing left behind by her brother, Moonriver, an aspiring witch doctor, now is on the search of the mystery behind his disappearance and what exactly is in the bottle.

  • Tattered paper cup – found on the streets of my neighborhood, I’d say the back ground is organic, while the cup is geometric because of the patterns on it.

story: Just your average paper cup from the local pub where, after long hours of work, Elvens, Dwarves, Gnomes, and other creatures spends their night away.


  • Money Tree – found at a random garage sale, I took a photograph of this money tree appearing as ambiguous because you can’t tel exactly what it is nor where the background exactly is.

story: A rare artifact given by the Grimm Ripper to the great first emperor of ancient Pangea nation. It is sought after by treasure hunters because it’s known to give unimaginable power and  riches to however wields it, the catch? The owner will only get to live for 7 years, after that the Ripper comes to collect the end of his barter.

  • The Mat – found discarded along with other things at the sidewalk, ambiguous

story: One of the items sewn by a miller’s daughter in order to marry the kind, made out of the golden thread provided by the mischievous imp, Rumplestilskin. We all know this story, but little do people know that for every items that was sewn using the Rumplestilskin’s thread brings bad luck…and there is only one way of getting rid of the items, handing it down to somebody who will willingly accept it. (Burning it or any sorts will not work, the bad luck will only get worst.

  • Wall piece – I’m actually unsure what exactly this is, I just found it outside of house, it seems like a piece of the rooftop or the wall tho (the black part of the image). Ambiguous

story: Part of a decaying hunted house. Not much is known about the house, but the owners were once a wealthy family who owns a large portion of land in our neighborhood back in the day. But unfortunately, there’s always an end to everything, the family strangely vanished at once without any witnesses. Now, what happened with all the properties and riches? No one know exactly, but, the weird thing is, the house stayed up well kept for the next 20 years without a trace of anybody actually taking care of it.

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