Russell Armfield Project 1

Taking a walk on my way home from Citytech, I found several objects that either have extreme contrast to their backdrops or blend in. I found several organic shapes or items that have a more obvious figure/ground relationship. The first of the obvious relationships is a black dot against a much lighter sidewalk, while the second is a dark color against lighter pavement. The third image of this group is a red piece of fabric against a gray backdrop. The ambiguous figure/ground relationships were much harder to spot than the obvious ones, all of them organic. The first of the ambiguous figure/ground relationships is a dark brown street against a lightly colored sidewalk, with the second one being glass on the sidewalk. The third and final image of this group is a liquid stain on pavement.

I was attached to most of these objects I took pictures of because I was curious about how they ended up on the road or sidewalk. After taking the photos, I made up stories about how the situations or objects on the image came about. For the first of the obvious figure/ground relationship images, I presumed that a drop of wet concrete was dropped accidentally and dried up. For the second image of this group, I think that an old ripped dress had it’s pieces blown by the wind onto the street. For the ambiguous figure/ground relationships, I think the first one was from someone painting a streak with brown paint that dried up over time. The second of the group could just be someone dropping their phone and having the screen crack and fall out. The third and final image of this group is from a spill of soda.

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