Sixth Journal Entry:

Prof. Nicolaou and Classmates,

It is definitely challenging evaluation others, but when it comes to evaluating yourself, I personally find it very conflicting. So far, I have been able to complete the projects I have been assigned. Last week, I was assigned a project that involve content and text editing on InDesign. I was not able to completed it in it’s totality because I ran out of time and the client did not provide me with all the content need it for this project. I felt I could have done more when it came to how the content should of looked like, but at the same time, I did not have all the information I needed, neither the images that were also part of the content. Additionally, I would say I have to improve upon my delivery time. I do complete the assignments, but I feel as if I do not have enough time to fully develop all my ideas. I also want to be as productive as I possibly can when I am in the office working and i belive i have achieve this so far. I am enjoying the challenges and there is always room for improvement everyday.

Thank you for your time,

Marielos. Osorio


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