Fourth Journal Entry:

Prof. Nicolaou and Classmates,

When it comes to performing clerical duties related to my major, I will say that most of the time I am responsible for developing designs and dead line that are imperative for the company. A typical day for me starts with an email from my supervisor assigning me what needs to be done before the day ends. I usually get two assignments. For these tasks, I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. The assignments include design thinking and layouts that best illustrate what we are looking to achieve. Once I have a layout sketched done on paper, I ask my supervisor for feedback or if it needs any modifications. After he has taken a look at it, I move forward to create a digital copy of the paper layout I have come up with. Once that is done, I go back to my supervisor with the final results. He looks at it and I usually have to make modifications to it. At the end of that each assignment, I email him the files and he takes a finally look before it gets send to the client or service provider for printing purposes or other matters. This process applies for both assignments.

Moreover, I also answer the phone, so clients or new clients can get in touch with my supervisor and/or the president of the company. I am also part of office meetings and project discussions that are not directly link to design, but are related to website designs and development. I am learning the business side of my career and I like what I have experience so far.

[ I cannot share or discuss specific details about any assignments I am assigned and what they are about because I signed a confidentiality contract. ]

Thank you for your time,

Marielos. Osorio

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