Second Journal Entry:

Prof. Nicolaou and Classmates,

My role at Crystal McKenzie, Inc. is as a Junior Designer within the Design Department. I am responsible for contacting clients and I also participate projects that involve designs such as layouts, mockups, and logo development. Additionally, I do research for specific projects within the company. The name of my supervisor is Brian Jones. He is the COO/Creative Director.

About a year ago, I interned at CMI and I had a great learning experience back then, so I decided to give Mr. Brian a call and I asked if he had an intern opening. Because of my previous experience, this time, he did not interview me. But when I first started last year in the summer, I had an over the phone interview with him. He asked me about my experience and also about my design process and the steps that are involved in my execution of specific projects.

Moreover, I made more calls to other internship opportunities around people that I personally know and other design agencies that I particularly have no experience with. One of them will be 3rd Lounge, Inc. I was told that they did not need interns at that point, so I moved on to other opportunities. I was fortune enough to get a response from CMI the text day and I was able to start my internship very early in the semester. I did have to call multiple times just to remind them about a response because my situation was time sensitive.

Thank you for your time,

Marielos. Osorio

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