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Prof. Nicolaou and Classmates,

CMI Exhibits Division was established in 1980 as one of the three divisions of Crystal McKenzie, Inc. CMI Exhibits Division manages annual conferences and events, trade show programs and projects, creates museum installations, exhibitions and visitor centers for our clients.

The company’s clients and what CMI offer them:

Our clients come to CMI looking for the following criteria: Strategic Services, Corporate & Brand Identity, Strategy & planning, Corporate image & Marketing, Brand integration, & Social Integration.

Some of CMI clients/customers:

JPMorgan Chase
LCOR & others.
The primary business of CMI  offers a complete in-house facilities for all activities required by clients marketing, media and public information service such as:

  • – Corporate Communications and Corporate Literature – including corporate promotion and annual reports
  • – Editorial Design – including newspapers, newsletters and magazines- Marketing Research/Marketing Communications
  • – Environmental Graphic Design – including way-finding systems, building and retail Identities
  • – Interior and Exterior Signage Systems – including two- and three- dimensional design of space
  • – CAD Mapping and 3D Rendering
  • – Strategic Branding / Brand Identity and Package Design
  • – Corporate Identity – including visual identifiers, logotype, naming and trademarks
  • – Sales Promotion Communications – as an adjunct to advertising
  • – Website Development – including information architecture, interactive media, social media development and integration, Web 2.0 and Web.3.0

Additionally, CMI provides the following services to clients who desire  a competitive edge, they provide:

  • User interface design
  • – Web design
  • – Structured brainstorming
  • – Graphic Usability
  • – Formal user studies
  • – Strategic product planning
  • – Design of information architecture
  • – Hardware and software prototyping
  • – Communication design
  • – Graphic Design of Brand Identity

The department I am currently working on is the Design Department. What I have learned about this company is that in 2009, they launched our digital event marketing property, INSPIOR. This service creates digital marketing solutions for business and decision makers who want to deliver a key stakeholder experience. INSPIOR assist their clients by implementing online channel to improve marketing campaigns. This company is a private company. Crystal McKenzie, Inc. consists of around ten people working in the office and others working online from other locations.



Crystal McKenzie, Inc.

220 East 23rd Street, Suite 305

New York, NY 10010



Crystal McKenzie, Inc.


Thank you for your time,

Marielos Osorio

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