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  1. Going back to college after 10 years plus is not an easy task. I found myself gathering information because I was not I was out of school so long it’s became a serious pain. Thanks to different organizations I was able to get all the paperwork together to get myself ready to go back to college, what a big headache.                                          I attend college prep for almost a year, and there was this one Professor I had that was so Stern. The professor drilled and drilled the work and how it had to be done in proper format. I got the hang of it,  but I’m still so intrigued by the process. I realize by myself the college determines your fate because it molds you into what you are striving for”your ultimate goal”. Success is at the hands of you, but you are taught not to talk to strangers, and in their lessons you find all the things your gravitating towards are all the the all these years. There for you pick up on all the key elements to now push forward without anyone to hold you back. Are limitations your thing? For me, I’m keeping my eyes forward and in the right direction.

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