HW for Thu 11/21

3 things:
1) Keep working on writing your text from today connecting your thoughts on memes to Drake’s video and/or Caraminica’s article on it.  Instructions below:

1) In 2-3 sentences, describe a couple details from Drake’s video that stand out to you (the background, the outfits, the lighting, the dancing, the facial expressions, etc.)

2) Find a quotation from Caraminica’s article that connects to what you wrote in #1.  In 1-2 sentences, write about the connection between the details you noticed in the video and the passage you’ve found in Caraminica’s article.  EX: This aspect of Drake’s video can be connected to Jon Caraminica’s analysis of it: ________ (explain the connection)

3) Now make a connection back to what you wrote about memes earlier.   How does Drake’s video and/or Caraminica’s text about it relate to what you said about meme’s earlier?
EX: Earlier I mentioned how memes ______(re-state something you said about the topic earlier).  This connects to ________(something you’ve noticed in Drake’s video or Caraminica’s text)____.

2. Read Jace Clayton’s text called “on rap and white noise” (handed out in class and available online).

3. Begin reading K-Hole’s “YOUTH MODE” in Packet II.

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