HW for Thu 11/7 // Library Database Links

  1. Post the title, author, and publication of an article you found using a library database.  Also tell us which database you used (see below for links).
  2. Re-read Lauren Duca’s “The Viral Virus” (Packet I). ¬†Look up any words you need to know in order to understand this article and to write well about it.
Below are some Databases to Play With (for most of these, you need an activated City Tech ID/library card)
REFERENCE SOURCES (a good place to begin: big-picture info on a word/topic):
Gale Virtual Reference Library (encyclopedia/tertiary sources)
Google Trends (search usage of key terms in Google searches, from 2004‚Äďpresent)
Google Books Ngram Viewer (search usage of key terms in books, from 1500-2008)
RESOURCES FOR GENERAL/NON-SCHOLARLY ARTICLES (step 2: use non-scholarly sources for deepening your understanding of a topic)
CUNY OneSearch (search everything in CUNY’s library system)
Opposing Viewpoints (tertiary source on debates; especially good for topics in politics and news)
RESOURCES FOR SCHOLARLY ARTICLES (step 3: here is where you will find the most detailed, rigorous (challenging-to-read) academic work on a topic)
Google Scholar (general array of scholarly texts; not discipline specific)
Project Muse (humanities and social science articles; theory)
Academic OneFile (general academic articles; not discipline specific)
Applied Science & Tech Database (science & tech sources)
NexisUni (LexusNexus) (general)
Academic Search Complete (general database of scholarly and non-scholarly articles)
Kanopy (full-length films and documentaries)
Underground & Independent Comics (comics and graphic novels)
JSTOR (literary criticism & theory)
MLA Bibliography (literary sources)

13 thoughts on “HW for Thu 11/7 // Library Database Links”

  1. 1) Dickinson, Amy. “Ask Amy: Social media makes family members less social.” Washingtonpost.com, 13 Sept. 2018.¬†Gale Academic Onefile,¬†https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A554151617/AONE?u=cuny_nytc&sid=AONE&xid=28497c09. Accessed 5 Nov. 2019.¬†

    I got this article from the academic one file database and found it interesting how Dickinson mentions how families are less social due to social media. Something I found interesting is when Dickinson mentions ” yes, you have a right to privacy. No, you will not receive it, certainly not while Granny’s got a Facebook account. And if you are in a public place or at a public event (a restaurant or a party), you don’t really have the expectation of privacy in a legal sense”. this portrays that not only does social media make people less social but it’s also an invasion of privacy. Nowadays instead of actually enjoying the moment and spending quality time with your family people can’t seem to keep their eyes off their phones to snap a picture or take a video and has become a serious issue not only for teenagers but for older people as well.


  2. “Social media is hurting us, not helping us.”¬†UWIRE Text, 25 Oct. 2013, p. 1.¬†Gale Academic Onefile,¬†https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A346835712/AONE?u=cuny_nytc&sid=AONE&xid=7cb67402. Accessed 6 Nov. 2019.

    The Database I used was Gale Acedemic Onefile

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