HW for 11/5 (library day–meet there!)

1) Finish the online library orientation (see link in assignment for 10/29).  

2) Write a paragraph consisting only of questions about your Essay 2 topic.  These can be all sorts of questions—both questions you think you can answer (and want to answer) using research and also questions that are rhetorical or which you have no intent of answering.  

    Post this series of questions here and bring it with you to the Library on Tuesday.  This is where our class will be held—meet us outside the library on the (4th floor of the Atrium (glass roofed) building.  


EX: Why do some people think that violent video games make people more violent in real life?  Do they think gamers identify too much with the characters and roles they play when gaming? What other theories might there be of how a violent video game could make someone more violent in reality?  Are there theories that propose the opposite—that violent video games might make people LESS violent in real life? What do psychologists say about violent video games? Is there psychoanalytic theory that might help explain the effects of violent video games?  Do computer scientists and game designers have answers to any of these questions? What role does mental illness play in the video-game-violence question? What role does mental illness play in the gaming community more broadly? Is gaming itself a kind of therapy—or could it also be a kind of illness in itself?

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  1. Do you honestly believe that playing a shooting game would have an influence on someone to shoot up a school? How does playing a game like call of duty have an influence on teenagers? What makes a video game “violent”? How does playing violent video games have an influence on young kids? 

  2. Social Media Ruining Our Lives? Do you really think that a world revolved around the internet really destroy us? How can you possibly predict that Social media is what cause the depression?Don’t we all have so type of depression living in us? How you don’t know this depression what cause us to be so isolated? what else could lead to these assumptions of social media? How long you have to be on the internet or social media for it to be an “addiction? How can you write an article about internet addiction when you a writing who post on the internet? Ever thought you was the one with the internet addiction? Did you get background information that determine if where this depression come from? Is this a social problem as a whole? Is it because social media is a popular thing everyone use it?

  3. Is social media affecting us negatively? Do you think social media addiction can affect you in the long run? Do you think it can vary in age groups? Has anyone ever sat down and thought about the problems that occur in social media? Why is it such a big issue? Can there be benefits to it as well?

  4. Why do people think video games cause violence? What are video games? What are characteristics of a video game? What defines violence? Why do people ignore the actual causes of violence? What are the characteristics of a violent person? What do studies about video games prove? Are these studies bias? Are these studies about video games fair? Can these video games be associated with reality? What makes a person want to act out in violence? What are some laws against violence?

  5. How can technology affect us mentally? Are children losing their socialization abilities? Is the traditional way of learning at risk? How can we guarantee Internet security? Is family life at risk? Can people have control of how to access the internet? Did education have an immense breakthrough with technology? Has the internet been accelerating our lives? Have the patients had a positive advance with new tools? Is technology a problem for the world? Why do people think technology is hurting us? Why did technology come out? Is technology the cause of many accidents? Is everyday life facilitated by technology? Is our mentality asleep so I access the internet?

  6. Does social media make us less social? Can you imagine the world without social media? Is social media an addiction? What’s considered an addiction? Is social media detrimental to the well being of many individuals? Is “communicating” through social media platforms really considered communication? What are the benefits of social media? Are there any benefits? Do you think the world would be a better place without social media? Would people have a higher self esteem? Can you live without social media? Do you think you are less social in the real world due to social media?

  7. How many suicides are connected to Cyberbullying? Does social media really make people depressed? What is the main connecting between social media and suicides ? can teens survive without social media ? Why don’t people post the things that matter to them ? why social media has become such a big problem ?  If it is a problem how people solve this problem? what is social media doing to decrease cyberbullying?

  8. Do video games make you violent? Can video games affect you in any other way? Why are video games being blamed for acts of violence? If video games are proven to make players violent what should happen to them?

  9. why is people so attached to social media? why people think that this is like drug addiction? who really uses more social media? at what age is good to kids start using technology? do social make us more social or less social? how many ours is good to use technology at day? what are the pro’s and con’s of social media? what effect does social media has on the brain? is technology affecting our daily life? what amount of time is considered “social media addition”?

  10. Does social media actually lower self esteem? Why does social media make people so self conscious? Is social media more addicting than drugs? What makes social media so addicting? Is social media beneficial or harmful to mental health? How much time should people spend on social media everyday? Is social media linked to increased rates of depression and anxiety? How can social media be beneficial to you? Does social media harm real life relationships? How can social media addiction be helped? Does social media make you feel lonelier?

  11. Is social media good for our health? Is social media harmful? Do you believe social media is making us blind from reality? Is social media beneficial? Do you like social media? Do you use social media? Does social media effect you? Did social media help you find a job? Did social media help you grow your business? Do you talk to your friends on social media? How does social media help you? Why do you like social media? Why does some people hate social media? Do you want to get rid of social media?

  12. Does internet kill creativity? Why does people use social media and plagiarize creativity? Does the internet make you less sociable? How are humans being affected by the increased amount of internet use? Can internet possibly make people more creative? How can social media connect with mental health? Can “new” information be considered new even if it’s written differently? Why is Task that require common sense hard to do? Why are people bored of not using their brains?

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