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  1. Your essay was very compelling and well written. I personally agree with your statement that false allegations can ruin somebody’s entire life, plus the fact that you talked about a recent case with one of my favorite anime movies was a good addition. You sited good evidence and punctuation was good but there were some errors in it. I like the fact that you added your own personal opinions and comments, it adds a factor that makes your argument sound even mite compelling.

  2. Your Essay Was Very Detailed, it was very interesting how you included a brief story about the 15 year old girl being rapped because that is rare and every piece of the story you had an explanation to argue about that suppose what your arguing about. I like how you made it feel as if you was speaking to someone when writing this because I feel more engaged into what you are saying. It was nice that you bold certain word, it’s it to point certain points or or empathize it? Why do you think she “made up” this allegations ? To get him fired? Honestly I don’t know weather if I agree or disagree with you argue with t due to the fact that you included how he been the actor for years and then something out of the blue cause him to be a bad guy then again if there are a huge amount of people saying that he did this, why would they lie about it like that . Is there any really real proof that was shown of these two people being together  other then working together ?

  3. your essay really caught my attention, it raised some very important issues and debates about sex and power, which could be a very difficult topic to discuss. I like that you were very open in speaking about this and you gave us a view of what you were thinking regarding the situation. Your essay was very descriptive. In your argumentative essay it did seem kind of bias, like you already chose a side which might alter the readers opinion

  4. Your essay I think is really good I like the fact about your evidence, Very clearly and  interesting. One thing is maybe you can put opinion about both side of the story not just about what it the problem because not everyone can look the situation like you. Overall you essay was very nice.

  5. While reading your essay I forgot it was suppose to be an argumentative essay and not a persuasive essay. It was really detailed and I liked it a lot. The evidence you included were all backed up by statements. However in your future argumentative papers you need to have evidence that supports both sides. You should also have a counterclaim.

  6. I like how well you wrote your essay and how the evidence you put backs up your essay. I thing you can work on is putting your opinion on your topic.

  7. Your essay was very well written and included many details. You had a very clear thesis statement I also like how your thesis was different and something you enjoyed writing about. You used very good examples to support your thesis as well just next time include both sides of the argument (counter claim). Overall your essay was very interesting and informative.

  8. Your essay was very detailed and some of the points you made were very strong. I really enjoyed that you chose to write about a controversial topic which made this essay very interesting. However, you did not have a counterclaim and this essay was only one sided.

  9. I liked that  you choose a different topic that is  controversial . and you need every good jobs on proving you side was right there was a lot of details. one thing you could have done better example more about who you taking, because first part of the essay was confusing. overall it was good topic to read about.   

  10. I Really love how you put in so much details from all the articles you have used. I liked the topic also it was eye catching and interesting. But, I hope that you can add evidence from both side and put in more of your words.

  11. I thought your essay was really interesting and funny to read but it also teaches a good lesson about how much power false rape allegations can have over someone else’s life and why it isn’t a joke. Overall your essay was really well written. The grammar and punctuation were nearly perfect and you used good examples to support your claim.

  12. I liked how you chose a controversial topic to write about instead of playing it safe. I believe when writing, when a controversial topic is discussed it forces the reader to think to form their on thoughts on the issue. It’s interesting as a reader when topics like that are presented in front of us.

  13. Your essay was extremely detailed and well written. I really liked that you weren’t afraid to do a controversial topic; however you seemed somewhat biased, which would’ve been ok if you had an actual counterclaim. But, you had a lot of evidence and examples which made your thesis very compelling. Overall, great essay.

  14. The essay quotes extensively but needs more supporting commentary. Try to quote more and discuss specifically what you want your reader to see in your examples. The thesis would be stronger with more quotation of textual evidence. The essay was well structured with decent examples. You made strong connections back to your thesis in each paragraph. It was interesting and well detailed.

  15. Your essay was very detailed.  I liked that you supported your claim throughout your essay, but it may seem bias. Therefore, you should add the opposing side. I also think that your quotes were to long. I also liked your connection to the words Karma and Hypocrisy in the beginning and end of your essay.

  16. Clemson I liked how you chose a controversial topic about allegations. I also I agree that false allegations can ruin a person’s life especially when they are innocent. But your essay needs more focus on connecting details instead of using many quotes from sources. Also your essay seemed bias you need to add details from both sides .

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