15 thoughts on “Feedback for Ishrat”

  1. I really liked you essay, the beginning hooked me right away cause I hate math and I suck at it. I liked how you explained in details how your teacher helped you and other students when she didn’t need to. Something I think you should of included was the math you struggled with the most or hated most. I also liked the ending when you said to not underestimate ourselves that we are capable of things when we give it 100 percent.

  2. I really enjoyed your essay, you had a good intro. your intro caught my attention which is really a very good thing. Although you were sort of repetitive, repeating “I” and “she” a lot. Overall I enjoyed your essay and the lesson that you learned.

  3. I liked your essay especially because I can relate to it, and I like how you capitalized the word math to emphasize the problem. I think you can improve on not jumping back and forth from past to present can get confused and there are minor grammarical errors that need to be fixed.

  4. I enjoyed reading your essay you did have a few grammatical errors but I like how you mentioned how you struggled with math but still tried your best and didn’t give up and at the end of the day all your hard work paid off

  5. Your essay was very interesting and I like how you describes how the teacher was. Also is a essay that I can relate to because I also struggle in math and I had a teacher that helped me a lot. Something you could improve is putting the “I” in capital letter.

  6. I liked your essay a lot, I found myself relating to it because math has never been one of my strengths. I think that you could’ve used more detail like talk about what you struggled with the most and when you started to improve. You did have a few grammatical errors but I did enjoy your essay.

  7. I really like your essay, I found myself relating. I like how you describes how the teacher was,  the beginning hooked me right away cause I hate math and I suck at it. I liked how you explained in details how your teacher helped you and other students when she didn’t need to.

  8. I like how you opened your essay, it really caught the readers attention, you started off by telling us how you felt about math which let the reader know where the essay was going and the topic. I liked how you talked about how much you admired rafeek, it helped the audience understand how much she did for you and changed your view on math. You talked about how every teacher does there job but rafeek was more passionate about it

  9. It was really nice that you choose this topic to write your essay. It nice to read your essay and there was some part of your essay where I also connect with. But there was part you should more carefully when you using “I” a lot of time it was lowercase  and your grammar was excellent .

  10. The description that you did before and after you summer in your math class was good. I liked how you described how your math teacher changed your view on math and how you view math now. You just need to watch out on your “I” in your essay.

  11. Your essay was very relatable. Your introduction paragraph was good because it catches the readers attention. I really liked the lesson you took from this educational experience. Your last paragraph was very inspirational. I also liked how you spoke about the teacher that changed your perspective on math. I would suggest you rephrase a couple of your sentences.

  12. I found your essay really relatable because I’ve always hated math. Though you had the setback of not being great at math, I liked how you were still able to change your perspective on it. There were some grammatical errors with not capitalizing your “i”s but overall your essay was relatable and interesting

  13. I really enjoyed reading your essay. You gave a lot of good details which caught the readers attention. Also you gave good dialogue which gave a good insight on what exactly was going on.

  14. The essay that you have provided was a well executed essay with good depth in detail. There was an excellent placement of an attention getter which can help the reader feel more interested into the story being presented.

  15. OMG ! I’m happy that you wrote this essay because I can relate tremendously . I really hate math just like you do. I think that you did add great amount of details about how you struggle.with the subject. One advice is to fix grammar mistakes like capitalizing when necessary.

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