Hi Everyone,

I posted grades in Grade Center. See CLASS GRADE column.

Here’s the Grading Breakdown:

  • Unit 1 Assignment, Educational Narrative: 10%
  • Unit 2 Assignment, Annotated Bibliography: 20%
  • Unit 3 Assignment, Exploring a New Genre: 20%
  • Reflection: 10%
  • Homework/Participation/DISCUSSION BOARD Activities: 40%

Credit/No Credit Option

Instructors are not involved. You all have received information from the school on this policy. Here is a link to the school page with information. I highly advise you to read through the whole page if you are considering this option:

  • You can “opt-in” beginning Dec. 23.
  • The last day to choose this option is January 13.

This is a new policy. Please keep double-checking dates and other information on the registrar’s page.


Happy Holidays and thanks,