Hi Everyone, 

So, to recap, in Unit 3, you will:  

  • Write about the research you did in Unit 2
  • Address the audience you think needs to know what you learned in Unit 2
  • Write in the genre that best reaches that audience and use two Quotables
  • Write a one-page Artist’s Statement that explains your process 

Due by 11:59pm Tue Dec 8 

1) READ (and POST on Blackboard): Reply to two student proposals. Comments should be at least 200 words. Please do not simply say “sounds great!”

Think about things like: 

  • A specific publication or website the author could write for.
  • A question or comment to help narrow down the audience: “You say you want young people to read this, but there’s no publication all young people. Are you actually trying to reach New Yorkers?”
  • A question or comment to help narrow down the genre: “There are a lot of different kinds of articles in the world. You could be writing for a newspaper like the New York Times or a website like Buzzfeed, and the writing is totally different for both. Can you be more specific?”
  • You can also just talk about things in the proposal you find especially cool. 

Remember—you don’t have to take all the advice others give you. It’s your decision (and you’re still responsible!)  But it is often helpful to hear what other people think. 

2) WRITE: Start working on Unit 3 – New Genre piece.

I suggest something written: Magazine or Newspaper Article, Advice Column, Brochure, Essay … 

3) READ: Handout: How to Write an Artist Statement

 File Under Content (Blackboard) 

4) WRITE: Rough Draft of Artist Statement (at least 500 words).