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Author: Ishwar Kamta

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Time: Apr 30, 2020 09:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Gowanus Reflective Blog Post

The Gowanus Canal can become a thriving area in NYC, if certain practices are performed right. First of all, the canal must be cleaned. In 2020, the word clean for an area can mean an area with no pollution or contamination. New Yorkers have a right to have a clean and safe place to live because that’s what a home is supposed to be. Zoning, can dramatically also improve the area around the Gowanus Canal after it is cleaned. Zoning protects recreational regions and takes into consideration increasingly open spaces in the neighborhood. Zoning has stylish qualities in its intend to upgrade the magnificence of a community by requiring buffers, landscaping, and parking area improvements. Zoning protects residential properties from commercial development. According to the Gowanus Framework, they have multiple goals outlined, which include: : “areas to support mixed-use growth with affordable housing, areas to maintain and grow Gowanus’ commercial and industrial businesses, and special tools to activate ground floors and create new public spaces”.  If the cleanup of the canal happens and is successful, along with mixed zoning around the canal, then the Gowanus Canal will turn into the focal point of a green, strong neighborhood with new, economical, blended use development flaunting progressively open space and parks and community resources.

Film Reflection

I enjoyed the film “Citizen Jane the Battle for the City”. It addressed the issues and conflicts that I agree with on Jane Jacobs side. Like Jane said, the city is about people, and public spaces, not buildings. Robert Moses was opposed to that idea though, his view was to make life better for people who aren’t rich, and fixing the city. Robert see’s this as cancerous. And Jane saw this as order and not chaos. I like to apply the quote, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, mainly because the city and the original environment is what makes it feel like home. Adding buildings to the city takes away the appeal of its foundation.

Initial Class Reflection

How would you rate your level of experience doing research in college?

I would say my level of experience doing research is average/intermediate. I know how to use the library, databases, and internet proficiently. It just takes me a while to gather and process the information I need and want to use in my research.

What is your expectation for this class supporting your classes in your major?

My expectation for this class supporting my class in my major is that this class will help me be a more well rounded individual and explore more instead of being an introvert who sits at a computer desk.