After reviewing each teams Annotated Bibs, Outlines, and one practice recording of the final presentation, I offer the following feedback:

  1. Annotated Bibs
    • Many of the sources are newspaper articles or news websites. Your sources should be more diverse to follow best research practices.
    • If you are using maps, census data, real estate data, historic photos, be sure to add these to your annotated bibliography as they are important primary sources.
    • In your annotation, be sure to make the connection between the source and the research question. Why is this source useful? What does the source reveal in regard to the research question?
    • Also be sure to evaluate the source: How reliable is the information?
  2. Outlines:
    • Should be more substantial and include notes on sources that will be used in each section
  3. Final Presentation:
    • Script and Practice: A practice round reveals where the script needs refinement to make the discussion more clear.
    • Visuals: Add visuals, especially maps of zip codes, zoning, and census tracks to help provide reference and context for the discussion. (Include these in annotated bib)
    • Interviews: You can add interviews to annotated bib. I will provide information regarding our visit to the woodshop if you reference this interview.