I hope everyone is healthy and enduring these plague days. The team outline is due tomorrow and early submissions are encouraged if your team would like some early feedback. Please submit the outline on the team project site as either a post or a page. We’ll spend time in class discussing the annotated bibliography assignment, the final assignment and script, and next Thursday’s virtual field trip to Interference Archive. Team meetings are devoted to outline review and feedback, preparing to write the annotated bibliography, and the script for the final project. Please bring any questions you have about the projects for the rest of the semester.

We’ll stick with the same schedule for tomorrow’s class:

General Class meeting: 9AM -9:25AM

TEAM 1 MEETING: 9:30AM-10:05AM

TEAM 2 MEETING: 10:10AM-10:45AM

TEAM 3 MEETING: 10:50AM-11:25AM

TEAM 4 MEETING: 11:30AM-12:05PM

TEAM 5 MEETING: 12:05PM-12:40PM

Teams 1-5, please invite your professors to your team meeting before the scheduled time.

Take care and be well, everyone. See you tomorrow.