I truly hope everyone is healthy and safe during this terrible time. I was definitely cheered up by reading all of the reflective blog posts last week – nice work, everyone! As teams approach the annotated bibliography, it’s good practice to write reflective responses to things you’ve read. On Thursday we will have a regular class meeting at 9 via zoom, and teams will work on outline development and the annotated bibliography.

It looks like we will be able to take one of our field trips virtually. Part of our class meeting on Thursday, April 30 will be an online visit to Interference Archive, an organization close to our study site that preserves artifacts and ephemera of social movements. We will tour the newest exhibit A Visual History of Climate Justice, and learn about the Archive, its collections, and its work.

Don’t forget to take the midterm survey! It is a 6 question survey that seeks your constructive feedback on how we can make this class better.  The college decided not to administer Student Evaluations of Teaching this semester, so this is a chance to let us know how it’s going and what could be improved. The survey is open until Friday, April 17 and responses are anonymous.