New York could do things differently by studying from the mistakes in the past and be more focused on the cleaning process. First, the government has to see this issue as a serious one. Second, corruption needs to be gone. And the last is that the unity of the community has to be strong. After reading those three sources, I can see that they have many great ideas of cleaning up the canal, but not once the solution has come true. According to Joseph Alexiou, he said, “..the fix is ineffective and often makes the problem worse. Those responsible then throw up their hands and back away quietly, hoping that the next generation of decision-makers will fix it.” The excellent solution is the zoning plan. It actually worked in Manhattan, and it will work for the Gowanus canal, but because it will cost too much money, the government decided to ignore the issues. The problems of the canal continue to kill the residents without any care of the government. It is also clear that the issue isn’t only in the water but in the air. The word ‘clean’ does not only mean the quilty and the outlook of the canal, but it is the development around the area. Make sure that it is safe for people to live their lives around the canal and care more about the citizens who live there.