Writer Alexious provided a well-needed description of the history for the Gowanus which included the exposing the push and pull between the community/ environmental concerns and the developers concerns and interest. While the developers were only looking for real estate to build and looking out for their wallet, the community was and still is begging for a clean environment. When asked how can New York do things differently, it’s my believe that getting on the same page seems crucial! In all decisions, compromises must be made, it is essential to create a plan even one to simply begin to tackle the pollution of the Gowanus canal as without it, we’ll never get anywhere. Alexious stated the city pollution adds to the problem of the Gowanus canal, especially the CSO. To me, this means its the city hurting it’s Brooklyn residents and simply leaving them to punish, While it’s agreed, living in New York is hard and finding somewhere to live extremely difficult that does not mean we should let New Yorkers suffer and risk their health in the very place they live. Simply because some people cannot afford to live in certain neighborhoods does not mean they should have to put up with a disgusting and unsafe environment.  It’s my firm belief that just as we have a right to a safe workplace, it should be critical for the people of any city (not just Brooklyn) to have a safe living environment especially when it’s the city and government’s lack of action which made the environment and area hazardous! Clean should mean your health isn’t at risk from simply being outside or after a simple rain storm! When we visited the Gowanus canal in the winter the smell was horrid, I cannot imagine the condition of the community around the canal during the hot summers.