The Museum of Modern Art has a beautiful interior design. The layout design of each floor of the museum is unique. Inside each room of the exhibit has an open creating an aesthetically please look for visitors. The Museum of Modern Art garden is spaced out creating a calm atmosphere for the spectators. The sculptures in the garden are arranged in different angles so visitors can see can enjoy its beauty from different perspectives. The green grass contributes to the tranquil feeling in the garden. Grand Central Station is an open space in New York that is visually pleasing to visitors. The interior design of the station includes massive columns and a mosaic ceiling that draws in a visitor’s eye. Grand central is spaced out evenly like the open space at the MoMA.

I think the Museum of Modern Art can improve its viewing experience for its members. The Museum of Modern Art should create rules that limit the number of people allowed in the exhibit at a specific time. For example, when I was viewing the photographs in the museum, I was not able to see all the images collectively. The crowed room blocked my view of the other photos. The attractiveness of the room can be improved with fewer people observing in the art exhibit

The United States of America’s existing culture is accepting of different gender identities. However, the Museum of Modern Art bathrooms does not reflect this ideology and bathrooms they are gender-specific. This creates a barrier for potential visitors to the Museum.

Museum of Modern Art has contributed to my knowledge of how different buildings are constructing to show art to the public