As an Architecture student in New York City, I can say that I am very lucky to see and experience the amazing architecture that the city offers. For me, the impact of studying outside the classroom was to be more interested in architecture and the history behind the buildings. I took other history classes before, where the lectures where giving inside the classroom and honestly, I didn’t put attention to the class lecture and I felt that it was a waste of time, an unnecessary class. But after experiencing architecture outside the classroom it changes the way I think about history class. I started to like the history of architecture and realize the importance of history maybe because I experience it throughout my own eyes and not just by illustrations or lectures inside the classroom.

I think studying outside the class is more interesting and productive. For example, going outside with professor Montgomery was a unique experience where I learned not just about history but I learned about new places and buildings, even though I lived in New York City I had never visited some of the buildings we visited on Montgomery class and if I went, I never put attention to it until I went with the professor. The way in which the professor explains the history and the design and characteristics of each building was one of the factors that made the class interesting. I believed by looking and experiencing architecture outside the classroom i learned more because I got to know more about the design and the site in which the building is placed, how it interacts with the city and what makes it successful among other buildings around it. I also took some ideas from the buildings we visited for my design class which is great, every time i visited a building it gave me new ideas for my architectural design’s projects.

I believed that students should study architecture out of the classroom because they can learn more about architecture by experience it throughout their own eyes and learn about the different kinds of architectural designs in New York City.