When walking through the Lincoln Center I saw many different views of the buildings that were surrounding it. When entering the main entrance of Lincoln Center, there is a beautiful water fountain in the center of the plaza. To the left, there is the Metropolitan Opera House of the Fountain, the Lincoln Center Theater straight ahead and the David Geffen Hall is on the right.

Lincoln Center is surrounded by multiple schools, many being high schools and colleges. Many students come to visit after school or during their break to enjoy the open space. It has many wonderful views and areas to sit and eat during the summer.

Many people come to Lincoln Center to see the Metropolitan Opera House enjoy the show. Lincoln Center’s is a unique design and is inside the building it is very decorative. Across the Opera House, there is a theater where people come to see many different plays and shows. Many times, both the Opera House and Theater let out at the same time at night. There are a lot of people coming out of all 3 buildings including David Geffen Hall. During the evening you can have a wonderful experience with all the people surrounding you and watch the lights come on at the center.

The way Lincoln Center relates to the city is by having local businesses and stores nearby. This entices people to come freely and visit the plaza. People coming from the local restaurants, bars and cafe’s, shopping areas, pass by often.